That Telecaster

I figured this was better than a Lorem ipsum statment while I work out the bugs here.

That telecaster (image forthcoming) was unbelievably difficult to get working. That’s the project that broke the camels back and the catalyst for me starting this blog! I spent five weeks trying to get this telecaster playable. One thing after the other went wrong. It got to the point were all you could do was laugh about how bad it was. I’m thinking I could literally write a series of blogs on this telecaster so many things went sideways.

Let me put it this way, when you buy a custom shop Seymour Duncan pickup that costs an arm and a leg and it doesn’t even come with the right screws, you have a tendency to scratch your head in disbelief. How can a company with Seymour Duncans reputation that’s been around so long put the wrong screws and a custom shop pick up? I called,  the answer to that was “That’s the screw we used in 52.” My answer “but it’s 2021?” “I know, a lot of people call about this.” WTF?

When that becomes funny, you’re either cracking up, losing your mind or just so over it that you can’t do anything more than laugh. In either case I’m really just playing with this evaluation version of WordPress and needed some content so this was my test subject.